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Kon was panicking a little. People he heard kept saying that it was the day after Valentine's Day instead of the day before or the day of. The last thing he'd remembered was going to sleep on February 13th and the next thing he knew, it was apparently the 15th. Which meant that he'd skipped a day. Or, if the rumor mill were to be believed, he hadn't just skipped it. He'd lived it. People were acting crazy, they said, and acting drunk. All day. He was already having flashbacks to when he'd been evil and had tried to seduce Bart and he really wasn't sure he wanted to know what he'd gotten himself into this time.

Maybe it was better that he didn't know. Maybe it was safer if no one told him. After all, it wasn't really him, right? He hadn't done anything. He didn't remember a thing and so he hadn't done anything. Of course, he knew that excuse would only go so far. Once he started seeing people he'd run into, they'd tell him sure enough exactly what he'd been doing. He wondered how much of a fool he'd made of himself.

He really hoped that he hadn't done anything that would ruin friendships and reminded himself that people were just saying drunk. He might have done stupid things while drunk, but he didn't do evil things.


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